RightShip, in collaboration with The Australian Marine Environment Protection Association (AUSMEPA), has developed a Maritime Emissions Portal (MEP) to provide improved ship emissions data to key maritime industry stakeholders.

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The MEP addresses the current lack of essential ship emissions data. Through satellite tracking and a big-data approach, the portal empowers all stakeholders including governments, regulators, the shipping sector and the general public,with improved knowledge of air emissions associated with shipping activities in port.

The MEP provides a unique opportunity to define priority projects aimed at reducing ship-source emissions. It gives uses the ability to observe changing air emissions throughout a port area over the course of a day, week, month or a year.

Measuring the local air quality at a given point in time will effectively be measuring the environmental impact and emissions of individual vessels that call on the port. With more than half of the world’s population now living in cities, the ability to track emissions from shipping through high resolution air quality data will empower citizens, industry and regulators to make informed decisions to create healthier, more resilient communities.

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