Vessel Inspections

RightShip offers two types of inspections:
RightShip Dry Bulk and Sire Tanker inspections.

Dry Bulk Inspections

RightShip Dry inspections have been developed to assess the quality of a ship by verifying crew familiarity and compliance with statutory and safety requirements as well as industry recommendations and best practices. As part of the process, we also observe first-hand the onboard conditions with respect to crew welfare.

As an independent company with no commercial involvement in the vessel’s operation, Rightship is committed to completing inspections without biases which could otherwise influence their outcome.

Our team follows a set process on each occasion to ensure consistency, and our Dry Bulk inspections go beyond statutory compliance requirements, incorporating industry guidelines and codes of practice. All inspections are carried out by our accredited expert inspectors who complete ongoing training in order to deliver consistent results.

A RightShip inspection can help our due diligence customers ensure a vessel not only complies with international regulations but also adopts industry best practices in its operation.

SIRE Tanker inspections

The tanker inspection program began in 1990 (within the transport division of BHP) and developed into the OCIMF SIRE system. Continuing under RightShip’s management, all tanker inspections are conducted under the BHP token and according to the latest OCIMF guidelines for SIRE inspections. All inspection reports are reviewed by experienced RightShip superintendents before they are uploaded to SIRE.


Easy to schedule, RightShip’s Dry Bulk inspections can be arranged at your discharge port to minimise disruptions. Sire inspections can be conducted while the vessel is loading or discharging cargo, involved in ship-to-ship operations in designated lightering areas or when the vessel is idle at anchor, provided safe access to the vessel can be arranged for the inspector.

Unbiased quality assessment

Our independent inspections provide a clear insight into the operational condition of a vessel, complementing other vessel assessments and management audits, to promote improved standards in the industry and reduce the potential of accidents and incidents.


Best practice standards

The Rightship Dry Bulk Inspections questionnaire has been developed to provide a comprehensive best practice guide incorporating recommendations from maritime publications, P&I and Class circulars and IMO guidelines.


Global network of expert inspectors

With a global team of Dry Bulk and accredited SIRE inspectors based in strategic locations worldwide, RightShip coordinates inspections quickly and efficiently.


Vessel Inspections

Market your vessel

Receive a RightShip inspections badge for a positive inspections outcome, clearly displayed on each vessel page in our platform. The inspection badge allows operators to showcase their commitment to best safety practice.

Preventative maintenance

For an Owner, regular and independent inspection assessments can help maintain the physical quality of a vessel, highlighting oversights and potential problems before they progress, potentially reducing costly works later.

Integrate with vessel vetting

As part of our commitment to due diligence and safer shipping, the RightShip Dry Bulk Inspection badge makes it easy for our vetting customers to select those vessels that have gone 'above and beyond' as part of their vetting criteria.

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