The global fleet is ‘upsizing’. Now more than ever owners need to understand how this will impact specific segments of market, and therefore the efficiency ratings of their vessels.

You will see in the interactive graphs below that newbuild trends show a movement towards building bigger vessels (newcastlemax) rather than typical capsize vessels. As the GHG Rating compares vessels to their peers of a similar size, with these new builds will come changes to the peer group and the GHG Ratings of individual vessels.

The world merchant fleet surpassed 2bn DWT for the first time in May 2019, and in the next two years there will be more than double the number of newcastlemax vessels built compared to typical capes. This represents an increase of over 30% in that segment.

The best time to get on the front foot and consider efficiency is during the build phase. Contact us for a pre-assessment of your vessel’s GHG Rating prior to delivery, or to find out which countries and yards are building the most efficient vessels.