Make an informed decision and improve the efficiency of your new build

Along with design specifications, the efficiency of a new vessel can be influenced by engine type & place of manufacture, yard of build and more.

The interactive map below shows the GHG Rating spread of new builds in China, Japan & South Korea, who collectively hold the majority of the world’s new build trade. You can filter by ship type, click on a country or view the GHG Rating of builds by anonymised shipyard to see where the most efficient vessels are built.

For example, you will notice that whilst shipyards in South Korea are responsible for building the most tankers in the region, tankers built in Japan are more likely to be A rated – and therefore to be more efficient.

Contact us for assistance with decisions relating to yard, engine specifications and more to optimise the efficiency of new builds.

You can also visit the GHG Rating page to learn more or view a recording of our GHG Rating webinar.