The maritime industry is propelling towards a low carbon, environmentally sustainable future – don’t be left behind.

At RightShip, we aim to reward shipowners investing in energy efficiency measures to improve their vessel’s GHG Rating. In a competitive charter market, a superior GHG Rating can set you apart from your peers.

The graph below shows the vessel efficiency measures registered (or ‘verified’) with RightShip from November 2017 – November 2018. A vessel upgrade is ‘verified’ with RightShip when appropriate documentation is provided to demonstrate the improvement in efficiency.

Select a vessel type to filter the results. In the last 12 months, we have had 293 upgrades registered in our system – resulting in more than one upgrade per working day.

You will notice that propulsion improvements are the most common upgrade for newbuilds, whilst existing vessels are more likely to undertake propulsion improvements & machinery upgrades in almost even proportions. The most efficient vessels on the market have a combination of both of propulsion & machinery improvements.

Prior to undertaking any works, contact our environment team for more information on upgrade options; the estimated impact a selected upgrade will have on the vessel’s GHG Rating, and the documentation required to verify the upgrade with RightShip.