Piyush Agrawal


RightShip has got a unique combination of team members having deep maritime experience as well as an understanding of cutting-edge technologies and experience of building large scale systems. I work closely with industry stakeholders and our team to further enhance RightShip’s data insights and digital services, while building innovative products that help our customers run more efficient businesses.

Playing an integral role in developing RightShip’s Singapore-based innovation hub, Piyush Agrawal is committed to improving global supply chain logistics and developing seamless solutions.  

Piyush holds a bachelors and masters degree in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from IIT and Stanford University. He brings a comprehensive understanding of machine learning and data engineering, which he has applied to industries including education, fintech, supply chain logistics and e-commerce. 

Piyush has previously founded a start-up dedicated to developing education services for students in India, delivered through a digital platform. He grew his team to a staff of 200 and at its peak the platform engaged more than one million students.  

With a passion for commercial digital products accessible on a global scale, Piyush is pleased to apply his knowledge to the maritime sector and grow RightShip’s digital offerings, while focusing on streamlining efficiencies across the supply chain.  

He is confident in RightShip’s ability to use its unique data sets across safety and sustainability and believes that RightShip’s subject matter experts can be a driving force for high-impact, data-led change.  

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