Kris Fumberger

Head of Sustainability and Environment

Our GHG Rating system and Carbon Accounting Tool enable owners, charterers and partners to make data-driven decisions and gain insights into efficiency benchmarks.

Growing up in regional Australia, Kris was surrounded by national parks and exposed to the realities of environmental change from a young age. Over time, he developed an appreciation for the environment and a desire to protect natural resources.   

A passion that prevailed in his adult life, Kris completed a Bachelor of Environmental Science and undertook various sustainability-focused roles in both consultancies and government agencies. This experience has provided Kris with the opportunity to drive effective company-wide sustainability strategies, whilst solidifying his core career goal: having a positive impact and leading industry towards a sustainable future. Twenty years into his career, Kris continues to be proactive in improving the ways in which industries work to drive effective change. 

During his seven years at RightShip, Kris has drawn on his vast experience to develop and enhance innovative sustainability programs. He has worked with industry partners to embed wide-reaching sustainability initiatives, whilst educating on and improving shipping efficiency through RightShip’s GHG Rating and Carbon Accounting products. Kris is passionate about driving the industry towards a zero-emissions target and believes RightShip’s data-driven approach can lead the way.   

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